Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Benefits of Practicing Yoga Regularly

With our day-to-day practice, life has become extremely stressful. Unvarying workload, responsibilities, etc. are some of the sources of stress, affecting both the spheres of our life - physical as well as emotional. Gradually, it is becoming a global phenomenon that needs a takeaway!

Now, the question here is - how can one effectively deal with this issue and live a contented life? Thanks to sophisticated meditation and pranayama techniques of Yoga, that can easily combat stress. 

 Glenn Gration

Yoga has been proven great to improve overall health. From helping in cancer treatment, managing arthritis pain to just make you feel happier, yoga is there for you. It is a tried and tested holistic health system that seems to have an endless number of well-being benefits. Here Glenn Gration has shared some of them:

Increases Energy/Reduces Fatigue

Sitting more than five hours troubles productivity also causes health losses - as smoking a pack of cigarettes! Nonstop Working also forms stress. To safeguard your health from these problems, exercise, yoga (stand up or some stretching or physical activity) for every 30 minutes to significantly increase blood circulation. Also, incorporate some simple yoga practice at the same times is a great way to avoid fatigue.

Alleviates Physical Ailments

Various body aches, pains or even more serious physical problems can affect your productivity. Whatever job you have, if you are constantly thinking about and dealing with ailments and pain, it`ll eventually turn off your overactive mind.

According to Glenn Gration, Yoga introduces proven techniques to dismiss several severe pain and physical problems such regular headaches, carpal tunnel, neck strain, shoulder stiffness, arthritis, and problems associated with traumatic brain injury.

Relieves Stress

Beside physical pain and illness, mental and emotional stress is another foremost factor affecting workers health and work productivity. According to the analysis, 90 percent commit stress is the reason behind. Alone it’s not the stress that made people opt out for assistance – ill-effects of stress lead to exacerbating physical ailments and conditions (from colds, allergies, and headaches to diabetes, cancer, and heart disease).

Stress is a major threat for business folks - as it can cause inordinate productivity loss, absenteeism, and unfortunately business mishaps. Avoiding these glitches is paramount for both employees and businesses.

 Glenn Gration

Improves Concentration & Focus

Your day-to-day stressful deadlines, endless meetings and the general cacophony of a workplace cause mental clutter, reducing the power of concentration. Dissipate concentration fluctuations prevent you from successfully completing your tasks and making good decisions. Through meditation and breathing techniques of yoga, you can silence the noise and clear the clutter, letting you be more mindful, alert and focused.

More about Yoga’s Benefits

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